Places to stay


Airbnb House

This 2-story, fully furnished house sits in the heart of Harrington. It was built in the late 1890’s as a church parsonage and is rich in history. This 4 bedroom, 2 bath house has plenty of room for a group of golfers or a family. The vintage details in this two story house make this home unique and very special. It’s great for a group of people wanting a get away, a family with children or a single person.


Photo: Heather Slack


Harrington Hideaway RV Park

The Harrington Hideaway RV Park is family owned and operated. This beautiful RV Park and Campground are located in the City of Harrington, right next to the Harrington Golf Course. Come stay, play a few rounds, and enjoy the full service restaurant!


Photo: Harrington RV Park


The Electric Hotel

The historic Hotel Lincoln – Electric Hotel is currently under renovation. This project is being completed in phases and the retail space was just completed. The building is being restored with precision to historic detail and dedication in preserving the tradition of this beautiful building. A  boutique hotel is planned as well as gathering spaces that will welcome travelers, community members and history buffs.



Photo: The Electric Hotel

local businesses

Businesses in Harrington range from family-owned farms, agriculture based businesses to locally owned shops and restaurants.