Member Benefits


Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce first and foremost, is being part of a community of business owners who are committed to the highest quality business atmosphere in Harrington and to providing the highest quality experience for our collective customers. It is also being part of a group of people who are committed to not only preserving the qualities that have made this town survive for over a hundred years, but a commitment to our continued revival. Being a member is not just an economic and civic partnership – it also comes with a few perks. Take a look below and learn more!

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When you become a member of our business community you not only get listed in our directory, and on our website, you become part of our promotional network on social media 

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Free Web Hosting

Web hosting can be expensive. As a chamber member you receive as part of your dues free basic web hosting. Some limitations and restrictions may apply to this offer

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Free Website

We have a local web designer who offers free basic web design complete with frontend user CMS (you can edit the page yourself) and basic instruction on how to do so. Some restrictions apply

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Free Basic Email

Along with your free website, and free hosting, you will also receive free basic email for your website. For example you email address would be

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Ecommerce Setup

Websites may also be set up as ecommerce sites. Start selling online right away! However, such websites can be large – some restrictions may apply talk to us and find out!

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Content Moderation

If you don’t have time to manage your own website content or social media content, our designer can provide this service for you. However, all sites are designed to not need this.

local businesses

Businesses in Harrington range from family-owned farms, agriculture based businesses to locally owned shops and restaurants.