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Harrington City Park

Visit our city park complete with public restrooms, picnic tables and a covered gazebo. The Park is located next to the school on Highway 23 and South 1st street. 

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The Harrington Opera House

Throughout the year, the Harrington Opera House hosts various events. From musical acts, to plays, and more. Come take in a cultural event in the wonderfully historic venue

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Play Golf

Play a round of golf at one of the states best 9 hole courses! Enjoy a meal and drinks in the family friendly clubhouse. Seasonal hours April-Sept. Contact them for exact dates.

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Go Shopping

Shop downtown Harrington! Find revitalized buildings with historic charm! Check our business page for info and  hours.

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School/City Pool

Harrington Schools offers a unique indoor pool. It is currently closed due to maintenance and repair.

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We have a campground, and a lovely little Airbnb. Someday soon, we will have a beautiful historic hotel!


Harrington is in the middle of many of the regions great outdoor recreation areas

Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is a U.S. national recreation area that encompasses the 130-mile (210 km) long Franklin D. Roosevelt Lake between Grand Coulee Dam and Northport, Washington, in eastern Washington state. The Grand Coulee Dam was built on the Columbia River in 1941 as part of the Columbia River Basin project. Lake Roosevelt National Recreation Area is a unit of the National Park Service and provides opportunities for fishing, swimming, canoeing, boating, hunting, camping, and visiting historic Fort Spokane and St. Paul’s Mission. Crescent Bay Lake in Grant County just southwest of Lake Roosevelt also falls under the jurisdiction of the National Recreation Area. (Wikipedia)

Grand Coulee Dam is a concrete gravity dam on the Columbia River in the U.S. state of Washington, built to produce hydroelectric power and provide irrigation water. Constructed between 1933 and 1942, Grand Coulee originally had two powerhouses. The third powerhouse (“Nat”), completed in 1974 to increase energy production, makes Grand Coulee the largest power station in the United States by nameplate-capacity at 6,809 MW. (Wikipedia)

The area around Harrington has been known to have some good hunting. Many species thrive in our area. To help hunters prepare for a successful hunting season, wildlife biologists for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) consulted their local sources and contributed their personal observations about hunting prospects throughout the state.

Lincoln County, located a short trip west of Spokane in Eastern Washington, is known more for growing wheat than fish, but there are some great fishing lakes here you don’t want to overlook. The big, rural county has one of the lowest population densities in Washington, with a little over 10,000 people, some of whom live in communities such as Davenport, Harrington and Sprague. If you take a break from fishing, things to see include the Inland NW Rail Museum, Fort Spokane, Porcupine Bay and Lake Roosevelt Recreation Area, as well as the historic ghost towns of Fishtrap and Govan. (Best Fishing)

To you love to spend outdoors looking at the various species of bird? Trying to take the next great snapshot of some elusive species? Well there is plenty for you in Lincoln County. Here’s one website to get you started in your birdwatching.

You should definitely check out our awesome little Harrington Camping and RV park first, but if they are full or you’d prefer to rough it a bit more, there are lots of places to camp in Lincoln County. Most of these are in close vicinity to some great hiking spots.

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Harrington Car Show

The Harrington Car show is held on the 3rd Saturday in May.  This is a family friendly event with cars, food and lots of fun! The car show is sponsored by the Studebaker Garage. Come and enjoy the classics!

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Vintage Country Fair

One of our newer festivals, the Harrington Vintage County Fair is held on the third Saturday in June. Sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, this event hosts vendors, music, kids games, pie sales and more!

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Harrington Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is held on the 4th Saturday of September each year. The day starts with a fun-run and parade downtown and then moves to the park for food and gathering. This is an alumni weekend filled with old friends and lots of memories!

local businesses

Businesses in Harrington range from family-owned farms, agriculture based businesses to locally owned shops and restaurants.