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Newsletter - Fall Festival - 2017

From the Odessa Record - 1/28/16
On January 16, the Harrington Historic Preservation Commission met at the home of Celeste Miller at 10 a.m. with Karen Allen and Anita Harmon attending. The primary topic of discussion was the desire to get more of the business district buildings on the local historic registry. Following such an accomplishment, the commission would make locating grants for these properties a priority. The group is looking for grants that would be applicable for private owners to obtain in order to make needed repairs to these old but historic buildings, which would promote new business opportunities. The commission has demonstrated in the past a desire to help fill out the papers to aid in the process of registering the buildings. The next meeting will be February 6 at 10 a.m. at 310 Linden.

Newsletter - Fall Festival - 2014

Harrington Community
Design Charette

Thank you to EWU Urban Planning faculty & students, the Lincoln Co. EDC, and Harrington residents and property owners for participating in the community design and planning sessions in Oct. & Dec. 2013.



HHPC work at the Pioneer Picnic Grounds Barn

HHPC members have been assisting wth the rehabilitation plans for the Barn/Dance Hall at the Pioneer Picnic Grounds. Facebook Page

Historic Photo

Harrington Community Design Charrette - October 26, 2013


2013 Fall Festival Newsletter

2012 Fall Festival Newsletter

Newsletter Issue #1 - October 2010

Harrington WA receives preservation grant from Department of Archeology and Preservation

(Harrington, WA, July 23, 2010.)  The City of Harrington was officially awarded a grant of $10,000 for historic preservation survey and inventory work within Harrington’s downtown and residential areas. The newly formed Historic Preservation Commission is seeking a Historic Preservation Consultant to conduct the survey and inventory of Harrington’s historic buildings.  The grant period runs from October 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011.

The mission of the Harrington Historic Preservation Commission is to provide identification, evaluation and protection of the city’s historic resources. They will also promote awareness and preservation of Harrington’s history as outlined in City of Harrington Ordinance 467 and will serve to assist with the rehabilitation of designated resources within Harrington through Special Valuation and property tax incentives. The survey and inventory is part of a long-term plan to continue preservation work on all eligible properties within the city limits. Harrington is one of the oldest communities in Lincoln County, which makes it a great place to act upon preservation of these historic landmarks. 



Old Harrington City Hall

Old City Hall

Historic Preservation Presentation

(August 20, 2011)

Kristen Griffin,  Historic Preservation Officer for the City and County of Spokane, Gary Lauerman board member of the Spokane Preservation Advocates, and Jim Kolva, a land use and historic preservation consultant provided an informative and interesting presentation to a small but enthusiastic audience at the Harrington Opera House on August 20th. The presentation, sponsored by the Harrington Historic Preservation Commission (HHPC) was FREE and open to the public.

After the powerpoint presentation and question and answer session in the Opera House auditorium, Jim Kolva narrated a short tour of some of Harrington's downtown historic buildings. He described original uses and architectural features of many of the buildings and explained the value for the owners and the community of returning some of the buildings to their original look. Jim is willing to provide suggestions for options to consider when modifying, rehabilitating, or restoring Harrington's historic buildings and homes to help preserve Harrington's historic character. Harrington's relatively intact early 19th century downtown 3 block area is an economic development asset and potential attraction for new businesses and residents.

For more information contact HHPC members Celeste Miller at 509-348-0225, Margie Hall 725-1170 or Jim Kolva at jim@kolva.comcastbiz.net

Web resource mentioned by Kristen: The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties


Hotel Lincoln

                   Hotel Lincoln

Jim Colva explaining value of historic buildings - Harrington, WA

Jim Kolva - Harrington Historic Buuilding Walking Tour

Studebaker Shop in the Old Ford Garage with vintage cars parked in front

Studebaker Shop in "Old Ford Garage"

Harrington Community Day - 4/2012


Corvettes in front of old Husky Station - Harrington WA

Vintage Corvettes in front of
historic Husky Station



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